Look fit with Fitbit smart watches.

Mira Fitness

A new brand name of physical fitness tracker is vowing to be a more stylish option as compared to tis competition – the Fitbit, the Jawbone Up, as well as the Misfit. Introducing in January, Mira fitness is a small black rectangular shape developed to suit a cleaned gold or midnight purple cuff bracelet, assimilating to appear like a regular piece of fashion jewelry. Not only is it less clunky than its competitors, but it is likewise particularly catered to fitness-minded ladies which try to remain energetic, however don’t necessarily make fitness their leading priority.

This new Fitness devices is synced to your smartphone and help you take note of your day-to-day steps, exercises, water consumption and diet regimen. If you do not want to wear it on a bracelet, you could also clip it to your clothing or establishment it in a pocket. One point that sets it aside from a Fitbit is that it periodically sends customized motivational reminders called Boosts, which encourage you to drink more water or take even more actions. Talk about a virtual Trainer!

New fitness tracker by Fitbit

Customers can remain encouraged by sending out messages to loved ones on the application’s leaderboard. Mira also supplies favorable responses when you have actually completed an individual goal. Unlike many of its competitors, nonetheless, it looks as though Mira does not monitor your rest and sleeping habits or measure your whenever you take deep sleep.

A Kickstarter page has actually been launched to help fund the product, with a video demonstrating how it works. Reality tells us that most ladies have the luxury of time to spend hours at the gym, or take a yoga course three times a week and that is why a motivating device can make a big difference. Women, as we all know, always places their family members, jobs as well as other duties first before thinking of their physical appearance.

They require straightforward and also very easy ways to suit health and fitness. We also identify that the majority of trackers don’t talk to a lady’s feeling of design.’. Ms Slutzky really hopes that Mira will certainly load a niche in the fitness tracker category by attracting women who wish to track their task without compromising their style.

Mira could be a brand-new take on the physical fitness tracker, yet it’s not the very first firm to try to glam up wearable technology. Fitbit, presently one of the most well-liked tracker, can be found in a wide range of shades. But for those who wish a more fashionable look, they can purchase a 16-karat gold-plated situation from Tory Burch, which costs $195.


Additionally thought about one of the much more elegant trackers is the Misfit Shine, which has a smooth style made to resemble a watch. The sensing unit, which is shaped like a watch’s face, can be endured a black or natural leather wristband or on a necklace. Misfit Sparkle also has the ability to track non-step tasks like swimming, cycling, soccer, tennis as well as basketball, whereas with a Mira, you need to go into the data from these exercises on your own.

The affordable $46 Fitbug Orb, which likewise looks like a watch, comes in black, white or hot pink, seemingly developed to attract females which such as a pop of colour. The Fitbug has the power to track rest, nonetheless unlike the Fitbit it doesn’t have an alarm system that wakes you up carefully in the mornings.

One point that makes the $199 Jaybird Supremacy advanced activity tracker various from its rivals is that it triggers you to be active when your body is most ready. The Jaybird is available in black, white, or a distinctive lime eco-friendly.

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