Life Lessons You’ll Learn at the Gym

Gym, a place to gain discipline and self-control and focus on your personal growth. Whatever you call it, a house of gains or a temple of irons, it’s a sacred place for all individuals who have gained and improved as an individual.

I love being in a Gym. It has showed me some greatest lessons of my life and helped me become more confident and complete as an individual. I am not the single or the first person to think this. Even Greeks believed that physical fitness and mental clarity can only be achieved if you keep exercising and keep yourself fit.

Exercise has always proved its benefits. It has many benefits such as it improves mental health, keeps one away from health diseases, increases quality and longevity and many more.
So, if you want anything to gift yourself then start going to Gym. It will improve your health, keep you happy and enhances your look.

Here are some of the lessons that I have learnt at Gym

1) Just Do it

It may sound as a little sponsored advertisement type but I swear it has nothing to do with any brand. But, yes this phrase has a nice point to say.

Most of us do not even try, just because we limit ourselves. This happens when we start doing something. This is nothing but our fear to failure that stops us from getting started.

I have gone through the same phase and learnt that you have to suck something before become good at something. Once you start practicing the same thing daily then you become an expert and this is the key to keep on achieving something.

2) No failures, only lessons

In a Gym, you may found yourself at many times failing but those failings are not your failures but all are your lessons.

If you go for push ups and fails to do the last one, it is not the failure but it’s a lesson that you acknowledged your limit but still you tried to push yourself for one more.
This is same as what we face in life!

Anyone who has achieved something in their life has gone through a lot of failures and only those failures have made them strong enough to achieve what he wanted.
It teaches you to be strong, have patience. It gives you two choices to make either to stay knocked down or get up and fight to achieve what you want.

3) Dedication Beats Motivation

Dedication is the greatest key for achievement. Even now, I do not feel like writing and want to go for movies but still I am writing and after this I will go to the Gym.
I am stopping my desires because I know that I am dedicated to something and I cannot leave this in the middle of it. If you crave this dedication in yourself then there is nothing that can stop, you to get an overall development.
So, you must have understood that dedication creates a motivation. It cannot be vice versa.

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