Are You Taking Your Bcaas at the Right Time?

Branched chain amino acids, popularly known as BCAA’s, are one of the most popular and bestselling supplement all over the world. This contains some most vital amino acids useful for our body growth like leucine, isoleucine and valine. Most of the people use it for body building and muscles growth but many of them do not even know about the proper timings. So, we have pointed out the solution to this problem and therefore, we will be discussing about how to take them properly for muscles growth and when you should take them?

Backstory of BCAA

BCAA’s have two most effective workout benefits. The first one is that it helps your muscles to repair and grow after you completes your exercise. And the second one is that it makes you fresh so that you do not feel tiredness even after your exercise.

We have talked about leucine above and this leucine is the amino acid which help in repair of muscle tissues after you finish your exercise. It builds your muscle tissue by kick starting protein synthesis in your muscles. Not only this but it is also helps in production of growth hormones in our body which is responsible for our

muscle growth.

The another amino acid Isoleucine is known as the fuel of our muscles. Our muscles use this amino as fuel when we do long exercises. During long exercise hours, the glycogen in our body gets used up (Glycogen is the primary source of fuel for our muscles) then Isoleucine is used as fuel by our muscles.

However, valine can also be used as a fuel source by our muscles but it has another role to play here. According to research, it is found that this works with the central nervous system and keeps us away from tiredness. During exercise our body release serotonin, also known as feel good hormone, valine blocks the receptors of this hormone and keeps us focused even when we sweat so that we do not feel drowsy.

Therefore, if you look at the impact of BCAA’s on your body then you would find that it improves fitness with time.

Timings to use BCAA’s

Proper timings to use BCAA’s, has always been a point of discussion and a lot of researches have been made on this. The researches went for a long time but now most of the researchers are focussing on the amount of BCAA ideal for consumption per day. According to Michael Roberts, Ph.D., director of the Molecular and Applied Sciences and Applied Physiology Laboratories at Auburn University, the consumption of BCAA post workout is the ideal time.

Post workout our muscles need to repair and grow itself and therefore it uses BCAA in place of glycogen to extend the process of protein synthesis in the body.

However, since muscles use BCAA as a fuel for protein synthesis therefore, I think that the best timings to consume BCAA are before, during or after the workout sessions. It would be better if you take 5-10 grams of BCAA both before and after your workout session

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