Do Swimming makes you fit?

Swimming may be just a form of sport for you. But in reality it is one of the best form of exercise for all round development of body and fitness. It is the best exercise for all age group for physical as well as mental fitness.
If you know how to swim then you must do it regularly as an exercise as this can reduce or eliminate the risk of chronic diseases such as heart attack, diabetes and strokes. It can also keep your body weight in control and helpful in boosting up your mood.

It is not only a sport or an exercise but it more than that-a skill. This skill can be even used for saving another person’s life in situation of flood or drowning. So, if you so not know how to swim then it is not too late, you can learn it now too.

Most of the swimming clubs have different timings for different age groups. Therefore, you can join accordingly.
This article is dedicated to make swimming a fun habit and encourages people to learn this all round exercise skill

Before starting swimming

I know most of the people who do not know how to swim have phobia to water and this is why they lacks the confidence. But you do not have to worry for that as the lessons start from building up of confidence in water.
You just have to buy a swimming costume. Remember that the costume should be comfortable and fits you properly. Most of the trainers allow to wear long sleeved t shirts and skin fitting leggings.

According to me, you must get a Goggle, it can protect you from the burning eyes problem caused by the chlorine which is present in water.
Swimming is an effective form of exercise but if you have any health problem then please check your GP before starting to learn swimming.

Things to consider when you start

You can find a lot of local pools nearby in your city. It is best to start locally as you can find it easily and even negotiate on fees. Most pools used to provide swimming to only the adult beginner’s. So it’s better if you choose your training class wisely.
Before you start your training class, be sure to watch two or three classes before starting. It will help you build up your confidence.

Stay Motivated Always

You must make swimming a habit. For this note in your diary that you need to go to pool every weekends or after work hours. The pool clubs also offer different packages, try to get one. This will save a lot of money as well keep you motivated.
You can also go with your family on weekends. Take your kids. It will create a family fun moment as well every have some exercise.
It is good if you go with your friend with the same ability as you. Your friend can encourage you to go to pool even if you do not desire.

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