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Jan 23 2009

If you need to get longer battery life from your BlackBerry Storm we have a couple of great ideas which will help.


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Jan 21 2009

Tiltris is a Tetris type game which is free and fully compatible with the Blackberry Storm’s accelerometer.


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Jan 9 2009

Mobigloo have released a version of the hit game Nintaii for the BlackBerry Storm which makes use of the Storm’s accelerometer and huge screen.  Nintaii, which in Japanese, means patience, perseverance, or endurance, is the first third-party game to make use of the BlackBerry Storm accelerometer.


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Jan 8 2009

Vodafone Help Centre have released a new video which explains how to use the Vodafone Live! application on the BlackBerry Storm 9500.


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Dec 15 2008

The BlackBerry Storm has one of the largest smartphone screens on the market.  While this is good news for Storm owners it does raise an important question – how do you keep the screen scratch free and in pristine condition? (more…)

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Dec 10 2008

A BlackBerry Storm software upgrade is available for all Vodafone customers. The software upgrade can be downloaded from the Vodafone website and will deliver a number of improvements to the microphone, display, media and video. (more…)

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Dec 2 2008

TechRepublic have produced an excellent video review of the BlackBerry Storm.  They discuss the hits and misses of the smartphone and explain how well it measures up against the iphone.


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Nov 19 2008

How-to guide for the BlackBerry Storm 9500, containing basic  info and tips aimed at new and soon to be BlackBerry Storm owners. (more…)

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Nov 18 2008

Three videos by Jason Bradbury of the Gadget Show talking about the BlackBerry Storm from Vodafone. (more…)

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Nov 14 2008

We have some great new BlackBerry Storm help videos from Vodafone on how the Storm works, how to use your browser and how to setup email. (more…)

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Nov 11 2008

A round up of the latest hands on reviews of the new BlackBerry Storm featuring Jason Bradbury from The Gadget Show, and


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Nov 10 2008

We’ve got some more great images of BlackBerry Storm accessories which include a premium headset, a bluetooth headset and more!


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Nov 6 2008

We have found some great images of BlackBerry Storm accessories.  The pictures show BlackBerry Storm skins, a car holder, a leather pouch, a sync pod and more!


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Oct 31 2008

Vodafone have today unveiled their BlackBerry Storm mobile phone tariffs, with the phone now being available for pre-order to all consumers and businesses via their site.


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Oct 31 2008

Vodafone have today officially announced that the BlackBerry Storm Smartphone is available for pre-order via their site. (more…)

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